Chaffee County, Colorado

Tucked in the stunningly beautiful St. Isabel National Forest high country, the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in rural Nathrop, Colorado, provides the ultimate getaway for people who want to combine activities, or who want to plan a high-end, his-and-hers winter getaway where each member of the family can do things they enjoy.

For the snowmobiler in the group, the riding opportunities don’t get much better than this. It’s an easy trip up to the Continental Divide near Tin Cup Pass. Play areas are abundant, trails are plentiful and the scenery is stunning. Before and after the 12,149-foot pass are the interesting ghost towns of St. Elmo and Tin Cup, with history dating to the 1880s gold rush.

Not everybody likes to ride every day, however. Those folks can stay back at the lodge for special pampering. The amazing Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers multiple hot springs pools of varying sizes – all super clean and without a sulfuric smell. Or check out the spa for a variety of high-end massages, yoga classes, salt scrubs, a juice bar and much more. A great dinner, socializing and more hot springs time await the whole group when they’re reunited in the evening.

On day two, the dedicated snowmobilers can head toward – Cottonwood Pass, elevation 12,126. Here riders will find even more high altitude playgroups, with vast meadows, steep climbs, tree riding and more. To get there, though, the snowmobilers will trailer through Buena Vista, a great place for the non-riders to burn a day shopping, site seeing, visiting art galleries or just hanging out. Nearby Salida offers more options, and both towns also have local distilleries and breweries. When everybody returns to Mount Princeton, they can relax in beautiful cabins or sooth in Chalk Creek, where water comes out of the ground at 130 degrees in some spots.

On Day three, the motorized adventurers can park their sled and ride on two wheels. The local valley, while still high, rarely holds snow and has more moderate temperatures, allowing for year-round off-road fun. The non-motorized group can go horseback riding, or zip over to Crested Butte or Aspen for a day on the slopes.

At the center of it all is Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. For information, call 888/395-7799 or visit

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