About the Vacation Guide

Snowmobilers are special people. We revel in a bond with nature that few others can understand, or usually even begin to comprehend.

And as snowmobilers, our idea of what makes a vacation paradise is distinctly different than the commonplace. We need to escape the ordinary places and the maddening crowds to find our relaxation. So we seek endless smooth white ribbons rolling through splendid scenery that is often totally inaccessible from other modes of transportation. We seek the places that few others frequent, especially in the white-coated season. We seek the peace and solitude of nature’s time to rest, and the fire and excitement of mechanized activities that can exist only in the wintertime.

Charlevoix snowmobiling 4 Of course, we also want all the entertainment, the diversions and the creature comforts that make a great break from the usual dull routine. From interesting sidelights and shopping opportunities, to a relaxing place to stay, to sustaining ourselves with fine dining or just outstanding comfort food in the company of our like-minded friends, there’s a whole lot of detail that goes into making a winter vacation paradise.

Some of the very best areas are found in this, the 2014 edition of our annual Snowmobile Vacation Guide special advertising section, your passport to winter paradise.

You can use this passport to select your destination and plan your visit. There’s lots of help available from the organizations and businesses contained within. The people behind these organizations and businesses understand snowmobilers and they know what we want and need. So browse through the section and then get on the phone or the Internet for more information.

This is going to be a great winter. Make sure you make the most of it with a memorable trip to snowmobile paradise!