Lake George, New York


If you love to be surrounded by great scenery while you ride, the Lake George Area will really make you say “Wow!” You should definitely start by taking the easy 6-mile ride up to the top of Prospect Mountain, located right outside the village of Lake George. The 270-degree panorama seen from Prospect’s peak is easily the best scenic view in eastern snowmobiling. And the trail up to that peak is a highway that is closed to wheeled traffic in the winter and groomed daily for snowmobilers, so it’s suitable for beginners and kids, too.

Then it’s time to start exploring the rest of the great riding in the Lake George area. With roughly 300 miles of expertly marked, mapped and maintained trails, you will wind through the Adirondack woodlands and awesome scenery that you thought was confined to picture postcards. Some trails lead to more mountain top views, and some lead to frozen lakes and ponds. Other trails provide a more intimate experience within the deep mixed-wood forest, sometimes alongside delightful mountain streams dotted with dancing whitewater. Keep a sharp eye out for wildlife as you go along because you might see deer, wild turkeys, hawks and even eagles as well as many other bird species and smaller animals, too.

Along the way you will find many outstanding places to dine, relax and otherwise enjoy yourself. Restaurant fare here is definitely a cut above the usual, and many places have wine lists right on the table, too, making this the kind of area where you want to take your spouse. Quality lodging choices are available throughout the county. Snowmobile services including repairs and rentals are also available if you need them, and there’s souvenir shopping to provide memories of a great vacation.

And check out the Warren County Winter Carnival. This big festival has been running s every weekend through the heart of the winter for more than 50 years and features all kinds of events to delight everyone who loves the freezin’ season.

Access to the Lake George Area is exceptionally easy via expressways from almost anywhere in the East, so you won’t have to fight traffic on narrow, twisting roads to get there.

For more detailed information on all that this area has to offer snowmobilers, contact the Warren County Tourism Department at or call 800/365-1050, extension 5100.