Saguenay, Quebec


Imagine a snow-submerged wonderland from November until April, accented by lakes and mountains, pristine wilderness and an immense fjord. Imagine all these natural phenomena nestled in the heart of the trail network of your dreams.

This imaginary land actually does exist and it’s called Saguenay!

The Saguenay region, its colossal fjord and unparalleled Monts-Valin have acquired a well-deserved worldwide reputation. It’s the best snowmobiling playground that the continent has to offer, located where the winter season lasts the longest.

Besides the guaranteed snow, trails that stretch hundreds of kilometers in length and breathtaking landscapes, Saguenay continues to innovate with the presentation of a unique concept: “international trails.”

As a comparison, the international trail is to the traditional path as the highway compares to a country road. The international trails are wider, has better drainage and newly added gutters and ditches. This makes them better equipped for early season rides and for the first snowfall. It is easier to prepare a smooth surface on these trails since the boulders and obstacles have been removed and the trail widened. And the international trails are more streamlined for improved remote visibility, as curves and slopes are optimized for increased safety in all aspects for even more fun and adventure.

This winter, discover these international trails and the frozen landscapes at their best in the sectors of the Saguenay Fjord and Monts-Valin. All trails north of the Saint Lawrence River lead to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area (Trans-Québec trails 3, 23, 83, 93). You’ll soon realize that you’re in a region surrounded by those who share your passion for snowmobiling. In fact, most hotels offer added-value services and will ensure that your snowmobile is stored in a safe location.

Imagine yourself on exceptional trails of never-before-seen quality in North America. Imagine yourself surrounded by a magnificent winter wonderland filled with snow-covered mummies and in optimum conditions. Imagine Saguenay and you’ll find yourself on world-class quality trails!

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