Utah/Idaho Border


Great trails or unlimited backcountry? It doesn’t have to be a one-or-the-other proposition, as is proven by the stunningly scenic high-country region at the border of southern Idaho and northern Utah.

Visitors will find more than 350 miles of groomed trails that can take riders to 9,700 foot peaks, through the Sinks area toward the Hardware Ranch Elk Refuge, past the picturesque Bear Lake or to multiple other locations throughout the surrounding Cache and Caribou national forests. The scenery is outstanding, the trails are well maintained and the experience is memorable.

Those looking to have the ultimate high-country adventure here, though, can hire a guide and experience the amazing backcountry, where deep powder meadows, high peaks and terrain offering varying levels of challenge await.

At the center of it all is the Beaver Creek Lodge. Found at 7,200 feet in an area that can receive 400 inches of powdery, light and famous Utah snow every year, the lodge is 27 twisting and turning miles northeast of Logan, Utah, and two hours from Salt Lake City International Airport, very close to the Idaho border. It is a remote, full-service lodge that specifically caters to snowmobilers every winter and well into spring. In fact, local riding generally starts by December 1 and runs to May 1 and beyond.

Beaver Creek Lodge has a fleet of expertly maintained Ski-Doo Summit snowmobiles available to rent, along with quality riding gear. The lodge can set up trail-focused riders with a map and a SPOT device for self-guided tours in some of the most scenic territory found anywhere. Local trailheads include Beaver Creek, Sinks, Franklin Basin and Tony Grove.

Better yet, Beaver Creek Lodge has renowned guides who love to show around all riders – from mountain veterans to trail riders making one of their first trips to the mountains to snowmobiling newcomers – to secret, backcountry locations that a normal rider would never find themselves. In fact, the veteran, always helpful and encouraging guides at the lodge are licensed in a 230-square-mile region, meaning they can always find untracked powder and match the places they lead a group to the skills and interests of the members of the riders, in an area without headaches and competition for riding space, like around Yellowstone.

The guides lead riders from valley to valley, over ridge after ridge and from one mountain top to another, with plenty of boondocking and side hill climbing. Whether you self-guide or let the pros show you around, each day ends up back at the Beaver Creek Lodge, where comfy rooms, on-site gourmet-cooked meals and casual camaraderie are always in fashion.

For more information on riding, renting and staying at Beaver Creek Lodge, call 800/946-4485 or visit BeaverCreekLodge.com. Also, search “Beaver Creek Lodge Utah” on Youtube to see videos of riding in the area.