Hurley, Wisconsin


An average yearly snowfall of 200 inches makes Hurley the leader for winter outdoor recreation. When nobody else has snow, it’s likely that Hurley does. And, while in the Hurley area, you will experience smooth trails and great trailside amenities.hurley-for-vg

The smooth trails are thanks to the White Thunder Riders Snowmobile Club. This group of volunteers takes care of about 250 miles of state-funded trails in the Northern part of Iron County. The work involved in ensuring that the trails are well marked and brushed means that this is a year-round job.

Great trailside amenities are abundant throughout the Hurley area. If you are visiting for the first time, stop in the Hurley Chamber where staff will help you with routes, places to eat, where to stay and a list of “must see” areas in the region. For those who are returning, stop in and pick up an updated trail map. While you are there, be sure to tell them about your favorite riding spot.

Another unique quality of Hurley is the people. The locals like to say that they’ve never met a stranger, and they are very proud of the area. The local riders are eager to assist with easing confusion at intersections, to help with a sled if needed and to offer a warm welcome to the Northwoods.

What makes the Hurley-area’s trails especially wonderful are the scenic routes through the vast county forests. You can ride to Lake Superior or to the top of one of the Penokee Mountains to gaze over incredible vistas.

Make plans to visit Hurley soon. You won’t be disappointed. For more information, go to